Your activities

Your activities

The range of activities to be found in Marrakech is endless. We have selected for you on our site those for which we have the most requests. Some of our on-site service providers have worked with us since our creation and we have remained loyal to those like us who share the same passion for customer service and who do not count their hours to offer the best of themselves. On our site, you will find outdoor activities, water sports and fun activities. Our range of activities is growing from year to year to adapt to your demands and to a market of the offer which evolves in Marrakech in an exponential way with providers always more concerned with the quality and the originality of the offers:

Outdoor activities :

  • Horse riding
  • Quad
  • Buggy
  • Hot air balloon
  • Mountain biking
  • Golf
  • Zipline
  • Tree climbing
  • Berber polo shirt
  • Karting

Water activities :

  • Wakeboard
  • Jet ski
  • Paddle
  • Oasiria water park

Recreational activities :

  • Laser game
  • Enigma Escape Game