Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a site about 1 hour from Marrakech which extends over 120 hectares at an altitude of 1200 m in the middle of one of the most beautiful Canyon in the world. This site offers multiple activities for adults and for children and supervision is carried out by experienced professionals who know how to handle the pedagogy and the passion of their profession:

  • 4 tree climbing courses (yellow, green, red and black): 30 €/ course
  • 4 different zip lines 70 to 310 m long: 30 €/ zip line
  • 1 Indian Jones course for under 9s (adventure field for children in wood and ropes): 5 €/ session
  • 1 archery field: 20 €/ pers.
  • 1 Monkey bridge suspended 70 m high: 30 €/ session
  • 1 ping pong table
  • 2 swimming pools facing the mountains with a view of Marrakech in the distance

Mountain bikes for hire: between 40 and 90 €/ pers.
Horses and Ponies: between 25 and 50 €/ pers.
On-site catering with 2 restaurants facing the Canyon and deckchairs: menu from 20 €/ pers. or à la carte
Accommodation on site possible with Berber tent or luxury lodge (1 to 2 bedrooms): 80 to 150 €/ night
Many Moroccan craft workshops on display

Villa Premium has developed, in partnership with Grand Canyon, unique and specific activities for our clients, for you. With friends or family, come and discover the human table football, the push race, the giant slipper race, the ring toss or even the Berber polo on donkey back which are enjoying growing success and still taking pictures of our customers. more hilarious ..,

  • Human table football: 20 €/ pers.
  • Rickshaw race: 15 €/ pers.
  • Giant slipper race:: 15 €/ pers.
  • Berber polo shirt on donkey back: 25 €/ pers.